Name : Sick Dreams

Release date : 2005

Context : Created between rage, hatred, and childish happiness, this album reflects a beginning but it was not the really first one. Sick Dreams is an achievement inspired by Big Beat’s artists and electronica/breakcore infuences.

Duration : 1 h

Number of tracks : 11

Design by ohmstrike

Name : Hyperprisme

Release date : 2012. Re-mastering is done, now available

Context : Hyperprisme is maybe one of the most peaceful and in the same time one of the most intricate Pleztrom’s creation. It contains one of his longuest track : Decopropikon & Stazes.
The track Alien Precox features ate21.

Duration : 2,2 h (2 cds)

Number of tracks : 17

Design by Michael Osterrieder

Name : Darkgamerzborg

Release date : 2008

Context : Darkgamerzborg is a deep soundtrack expressing darkness, madness and complexity of mind. This album blends different influences : Jazz, Electronica, Big Beat, Indus…

Duration : 1,2 h

Number of tracks : 9

Design by ohmstrike

Name : anti-minimal

Release date : 2009

Context : Slow, sick, noisy, rock, the sound of this album is particular. It contains some Prelinger sounds, and featured LaMeduza.

Duration : 1,1 h

Number of tracks : 12

Design by Unicode

Name : Live FDM09

Release date : 2009

Context : This album contains 90 minutes of exclusive live : the tracks have been recorded during private sessions and public show for the French Music Day in 2009. The tracks are taken from Darkgamerzborg, Hyperprisme, and anti-minimal, with remix, new performances, experiments….

Duration : 1,3 h

Number of tracks : 12

Design by Disable Crew / ohmstrike